RULES AND REGULATIONS  
  1.  Age Groups:  Teams will be made up from the following age groups: Adultmen and women:  boys and girls ages under 6 through under 18. 
 2.  Birthdate: Birthdate cutoff date is August 1st of the current soccer session.  A soccer session runs from August 1st through July 31st of the following year and consists of a fall season and a spring season.  No youth player may be rostered without an approved birth certificate except in the case of extreme circumstances which must be authorized by the Executive Committee.  (These cases may be presented at any Executive Committee meeting and must be okayed by a majority of the Committee.) 
Proof of age is required for every rostered player not previously registered with the league and shall consist of either a birth certificate, passport, alien registration card, or driver’s license.  
 3.  Team Registration Date: Team registration date shall be determined by Executive Committee prior to the start of each season. 
 4.  Team Rosters: Rosters must be submitted on the proper forms to the CAISL office according to CAISL guidelines:    TWO copies of each roster required with all information completed (including coach’s name, address & phone numbers along with team info. such as age division, jersey color, etc.)  No member team may roster a player who is overage except to enable a club to field a team in a particular division or when there will be no other alternative for the player within that club.  If either criteria are met and the player’s birthdate is not prior to May 1st of the deadline year. The number of overage players for each age level is as follows:   U6 – no overage players; U8/U10 – 2 overage player; U12 – 2 overage players; U15/U18 – must be brought and approved at the initial executive committee meeting; Adult III shall be limited to 2 per team and 2 years from the cutoff date. (Women’s ages are excluded).      Participant may play for only one team within an AGE division of CAISL at a time.  
 Recommended roster maximums will be 10-U6; 15-U8; 15-U10; 18-U12, U15, U18; 22 –adult.  Any team rostering more than the recommended maximum number of players will be assessed a $15 fee per over-rostered player.  Deadline for over-rostering a team will be the end of the 4th week of play. (NO OVER ROSTERING FOR ADULT TEAMS!! Each player on the approved roster will receive a CAISL Player Identification card which must be completed with a photo of the player.  Secondary or Replacement cards are $1 each. 
 5.  Entry Fees:     Each organization must pay the following entry fees:   Team fees:  Under 6 - $260Under 8 - $260   Under 10 - $260             Under 12 - $325          Under 15 - $425                 Under 18 - $525               Adult – $655 In addition, there will be a $50 field fee assessed to those clubs not providing a facility for League play. 
 6.   Coach/Team Rep/Player Identification: At every game the coach of each team shall identify him/herself to the official as responsible party (coaches cards are not required) and provide a copy of the approved CAISL team roster with all players listed and an official CAISL Player Identification Card for each player.  This must be done PRIOR to the end of the game.  Failure to meet this requirement willresult in a forfeit of the game.  
Revised 08/30/06 Revised 01/29/08 Revised 11/25/08 Revised 05/26/09 Revised 11/20/10 Revised02/04/13
7.  Conduct:  - Any player/coach misconduct may be reported to the disciplinary committee for review and possible disciplinary action.  - The Disciplinary Committee shall be responsible for action taken by the league with regard to any team, player, or coach as per their recommended procedure.  - The fulfillment of such action shall be absolute except by appeal to and hearing of the assembled Executive Committee properly called. (48 hour notice)  -  Misconduct shall consist of, but not be limited tored card or dual caution ejection's/multiple cautions (yellows)/ violent or unlawful conduct prior to or following any league match or practice/ playing an illegal player (not rostered, no card, suspended)/ disrespectful behavior on the sidelines- The coach/team rep shall be suspended for a minimum of one week for playing an illegal player.  -There will be LIMITED coaching from the sidelines.  Coaches MUST remain in coaches’ boxes.  They are not to address a referee in a disrespectful manner and coaches are responsible for parents’ & players’ behavior.  Any coach, assistant coach, or spectator receiving a RED CARD and/or proceeding onto a playing field without permission of the officials, may be required by the League Office to appear in person before the Executive Committee for disciplinary action.  Failure to meet this request without notice to the Executive Committee will result in suspension for the remainder of the playing season.  Any player, coach, or assistant coach receiving 2 yellow cards in 1 game, 3 yellow cards in 1 season, or 1 red card will be subject to an automatic 1 game suspension. The suspension will apply to the division in which the infraction occurred. 
8. Regulation of Play: This league will play under the Rules and By-Laws of the USSF except as herein modified. A. Special Requests - The cost for special requests is: 1st request $10; 2nd request $25; 3rd request $50 (limit of three requests per team) with the exception of 1) coaching conflicts (duly rostered coach of more than one team within the league)  2) secondaries conflict (playing on more than one team within the league)  3) religious requirements (holy days, religious classes, etc.)  All special scheduling requests must be submitted in writing to the League Coordinator by the registration deadline along with applicable fees.  Once the schedule has been set and verified by the Scheduling Committee, games must be played or forfeited. B.  Must Schedules/Reschedules - The scheduling of “must schedule” games must be turned in to the League Office no later than the date given at the beginning of the season & must be called into the league office no later than a week before the game is to be played. The Home Team coach (listed first on the schedule) will be responsible for contacting the opposing coach to set a date, time, & location (this includes notification and authorization by the Field Manager and reporting to the League Office).  Once a “must schedule” or “reschedule” game is set and reported to the League Office it must be played or forfeited.  Any games not played or not scheduled will be forfeited by the home team. (listed first on the schedule). Must Schedule games must be scheduled four weeks prior to the end of the season. Home Team Coach Note:  Notify the League Office if you are unable to arrange your game after giving the opposing coach at least TWO alternative dates/times.   C.  Forfeits -   1.)  Any team that fails to field the minimum number of duly rostered players within ten minutes after thescheduled beginning time of the game in which they are to participate, shall forfeit the game.  2.)  If a team is unable to play a scheduled game and wishes to report a forfeit, they must do so at least 48hours prior to the match by notifying the League Office either by phone or by fax.    3.)  In the event that a team does not give proper notification of a forfeit, does not show up for a scheduledgame, and the game is not played, the "no show" team will pay a penalty of $50! D.  Tied Games - During regular season play, all tied games stand. E.  Called Games - Games may be stopped by the OFFICIALS up to half-time and the game will be replayed.  Gamescalled at half-time or anytime after half-time are considered a full game.  1.)  Field Conditions...Designated Field Managers for each organization shall determine its fields' fitness forplay.  If the field is not playable, the designated Field Manager shall make every effort to notify the LeagueCoordinator personally.  The Field Manager must then notify the home team coach.  It is the responsibilityof the home team coach to contact the visiting coach.  This must be done by two hours prior to first morning       game and two hours prior to first afternoon game.If these procedures are not followed, the Field Manager's club will pay for officials.    
8. Regulation of Play (continued): 2.)  Severe Weather...If at the start or during the course of a game, OPPOSING COACHES agree that theweather is too severe to continue to play (ie. thunderstorm, hail, high winds, etc.) and the officials have notstopped the games, the OPPOSING COACHES may overrule the officials and stop the game until they deemit safe to continue.  This should be done by using the "END OF HALF" signal (fists crossed raised over the   head).  Should the delay be such that the game cannot be continued on the same day, then a request maybe made that the match be scheduled at a later time.  Itbecomes League Office business at the point oftermination and decisions of scoring and rescheduling will be made by the Executive Committee inconjunction with the League Office.  If it is agreed that the match may be rescheduled, officials for therescheduled game shall be paid from League funds.  OPPOSING COACHES, upon agreement prior to the startof the game, may play quarters instead of halves in order to provide water breaks in hot weather. 
F.  Intentional Blowouts - The League policy is not to intentionally run up the score on a weaker opponent. (A 5-goal     lead is more than adequate.) If this happens continually, the Club Executive Committee member will becontacted by the League Office to prevent its reoccurrence.    G: NO REFEREE AT GAME TIME – If no referee has arrived, coaches should check cards & rosters, choose someone to officiate and START THE GAME.  At this point, if possible, call the League Office to report the “no show official”.  At half time coaches should assess the situation and make a change in official if necessary.  SCORE COUNTS IN THE STANDINGS. 
9.   Complaints and Protests:   Coaches’ or parents’ complaints should be directed to the Executive Committee representative for the complainant club who will then relay the complaint to the League Office if it is determined by that representative that it requires League attention.  Any abusive phone calls to the League Office will result in League discipline for the offending coach, representative, or club.    Protests consist of official disputes of a member team or player on any and all matters of the CAISL.  Judgment calls by the referee shall not be considered legitimate grounds for protest.  The coach shall submit the protest in writing within forty eight (48) hours of disputed competition to the CAISL Office to be acted upon by the Executive Committee.  The coach or Executive Committee member of the protesting club shall submit along with the protest a $50 fee which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.  If no action is taken by the CAISL Executive Committee within seven (7) days of the submitted protest, the ruling or decision shall stand. 
10.  League Standings: League standings shall be determined in the following order:  1.  Most Points (Win=3pts., Tie=1pt., Loss=0pts.)  2.  Head to Head3.  Fewest Goals Allowed4.  Goal Differential5.  Coin Toss
The team with the most points determines the winner.  If two teams have the same number of points, it goes to head to head competition (who defeated who with no consideration of goals for or goals against).  If head to head results in a tie, they shall be ordered in descending sequence by the fewest number of goals allowed.  If there is still a tie and sharing is impractical, a dead lock will be decided by the toss of a coin. 
A winning/tied team is responsible for reporting scores to the League Office no later than 8pm on the Sunday following the matches.  Scores not reported by the following Sunday 8pm will be shown in the standings as a zero to zero loss. 
  11. League Awards: Individual clubs or teams are strongly urged not to give trophies other than those awarded by the league, in order to give true meaning to League Recognition.  Clubs using the CAISL logo on team equipment, such as the use of patches, must have prior approval by the CAISL Executive Committee.  A.  League standing recognition will be based on the procedures outlined under Rule #11 League Standings ofthese Rules & Regulations.  Individual player trophies will be awarded to those players listed on the approvedrosters of the first and second place teams in divisions with 5 or more teams, and first place teams in divisions   with less than five teams.
 B.  Tournament standing recognition will be determined by tournament rules with individual player medallionsawarded to those players listed on the approved rosters of the first & second place teams in divisions with 5 ormore teams and first place teams in divisions with less than 5 teams. 
12.   League Tournament: From time to time CAISL will hold a league tournament for all age groups except U6.   This tournament shall be called the Goal Cup and shall include any CAISL team able to participate and any other team which the CAISL Executive Committee chooses to approve. All decisions concerning the Goal Cup, including fees, scheduling, protests, etc. shall be made by the CAISL Tournament Committee at least one week prior to the start of the tournament. 
13.  U6 Division Regulation of Play: • Teams shall provide the official with a copy of the approved CAISL team roster and player cards.    • Recommended field size ranges from 20’ x 40’ (min.) to 30’ x 50’ (max.) with recommended goal size: 5’ x 10’. • Team size is 5 with a minimum of 3 required to play.  (Recommended maximum roster= 10.)  • Ball size = #3.  • Game time shall be two 20 min halves. • NO COACHES OR PARENTS ALLOWED ON THE PLAYING FIELD AT ANY TIME. • Teams may have a Goal Keeper, however, NO player may use his/her hands. • Substitutions may be made for an injured player and throw-ins only. • There will be NO DIRECT KICKS and NO OFFSIDES.