The name of this organization shall be the Central Alabama Independent Soccer League (referred to hereinafter as CAISL).  
The principle office of this organization shall be in the Jefferson County area, and the address of the office may be changed from time to time by Executive Committee.  
It shall be the object of this organization to foster, promote, and advance the cause ofsoccer within the jurisdiction of the CAISL and to guard the interests of the teams therein.  
Section 1.  Membership The members of this league shall be comprised of all qualified soccer teams in the central area of Alabama, which are duly registered with this league. 
In order to qualify for membership, such teams must be an affiliate of a group and/or organization which will hereinafter be referred to as a club. 
To further qualify for membership, each club shall appoint among its duly recognized membership, a representative that shall implement and coordinate said club team and player registration to the CAISL. 
Section 2.  Meetings The League Office may designate any place within the central area of the state of Alabama as the place of meeting.  
Section 1.  Executive Committee A.  Purpose:  The Executive Committee shall serve as the steering committee between seasons (ie. set upcoming meetings, solicit new clubs, etc.).  After the commencement of the season’s activities, the Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the league as it arises and act as the governing body of the league.       
Revised 8/21/99 Revised 11/15/99 Revised 11/14/00 Revised 05/22/04 Revised 11/23/04 Revised 8/30/06
B.  Membership:  The Executive Committee shall consist of one designated member of each club with teams in two or more divisions.  Each club’s member of the Executive Committee shall be designated by that club at the beginning of each season on the Club Information Form.  An Alternate representative may be indicated on that form if the club so desires.  This alternate may stand in for the primary member when that member is unavailable. 
C.  Meetings: When deemed necessary by the League Office and with the agreement of two or more members, an Executive Committee meeting may be called with 24hrs. notice.  ALL DESIGNATED EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS OR ALTERNATES WHO ARE PRESENT, SHALL ACT AS THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. (One vote per club.)  Those members or officers who call for a meeting shall be responsible for preparing the agenda of that meeting. 
Any action that can be handled by phone is acceptable with a majority agreement of the Executive Committee. 
Section 2.  Officers A.  League Coordinator:  The League Coordinator shall, under the authority of the Executive Committee, coordinate all league business and in general perform all duties as are from time to time assigned by the Executive Committee.  The League Coordinator shall (under the direction of the Executive Committee) act as spokesperson for the league.  The League Coordinator shall be responsible for minutes for all meetings, handling all club and team registrations, all office duties, and communicating all requests and complaints to the Executive Committee. 
B.  Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities of CAISL from any source whatsoever.  The Treasurer shall make quarterly financial reports to the Executive Committee. 
ARTICLE VI.  COMMITTEES All committees shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and shall consist of Executive Committee members. A.    Tournament Committee:  The Tournament Committee will consist of three Executive Committee members:  the Head of the Scheduling Committee and two other members, one of which will be appointed as Head of the Tournament Committee or “Tournament Director”.  Once having been duly appointed by the Executive Committee, the Tournament Committee shall be responsible for the execution of the tournament (i.e. setting of divisions, approval of rosters, making executive decisions during the course of the tournament pertinent to its conduction). B.      Disciplinary Committee:  The Disciplinary Committee will consist of the Head Referee and the other members will be appointed by the executive committee.  One of the three members will be appointed as head of the committee. C.      Recruiting Committee:  The Recruiting Committee will consist of a group of Executive Committee members who are responsible for going and speaking to the heads of different clubs/schools/ organizations in the area about joining our soccer league.    
ARTICLE VII.  AMENDMENTS These By-Laws may be altered, amended, or repealed, and new By-Laws may be adopted at any meeting of the CAISL Executive Committee by a majority vote, provided each proposed amendment is previously submitted to the Executive Committee. 
ARTICLE VIII. RULES OF PLAY There shall exist a set of League Rules & Regulations of Play aside from these By-Laws which may be changed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee at any Executive Committee meeting.